What Are the Best Websites for Science News? We Have Your List.

Scientific discoveries happen daily. According to a 2015 report by the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, over 2.5 million scientific research articles are published yearly. In addition to the immense volume of scholarly publications, there is also the constant innovation and change within the biotech industry to keep up with.

How does one keep abreast of the latest scientific advancements and hottest trends? Many scientific news sites are delivering timely coverage of the most influential breakthroughs occurring in both the academic and biotech sectors. Here are the best websites for science news that we read to in order to stay at the top of our science game:

Nature – Nature’s online news section provides timely reports and analysis on the latest published research, both from Nature journals and other academic publishers. In addition to news coverage, this site also aims to provide a forum for public discussion of research.

Phys.Org – Phys.Org is a one-stop shop for comprehensive coverage in science, technology, and medicine, publishing over 100 articles a day. The site also has several tech-friendly viewing options for those who consume content on the go.

Science Magazine – Don’t have time to read the 20-page research articles? Check out Science magazine news’ ScienceShots for concise coverage, of the newly published research, in written and video formats.

GenomeWeb – Focused on molecular biology research and diagnostics, GenomeWeb covers the latest research but also significant economic developments in the industry.

Scientific American – Did you know that Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in America? These articles are extremely readable and have great graphics to boot.

PopSci – The staff at Popular Science makes even the most esoteric science and technology extremely entertaining and relatable. You can also learn about the science behind Hollywood movies, sports, and pop culture icons.

Fierce Biotech – This is the place for those looking for news on the latest deals and regulations impacting the biotech industry. Don’t forget to check out FierceHealthcare and FiercePharma.

STAT – They may be the new kids on the block, but they are already making a big splash. The staff at STAT provides insightful business, political, and scientific analysis of the science, medicine, and health discoveries that impact us all.