CG Life makes MM&M Top 100 Agency

CG Life Makes MM&M Top 100 Healthcare Agencies: Time for Matching Tattoos?

MM&M (Medical Marketing & Media), the media brand of record for pharmaceutical marketing and commercialization, named CG Life to its list of the top 100 North American healthcare agencies of the past year based on revenue. In its first year on the list, CG Life found itself ranked number 94… 94! NINETY-FOUR! We don’t know about you, but the number 94 is good mojo. Well, think about it… 93 other agencies made more money than us, but they have to live with themselves. We did great work AND had fun.

94 is the twenty-ninth distinct semi-prime and the fourteenth of the form. The length of an NBA basketball court is 94 feet. 94 is the country code for Sri Lanka. California state highway 94 runs near our San Diego office and along the border with Mexico. Near our Chicago office, the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago hosts a race up 94 floors of the John Hancock Center to raise more than $1 million for lung disease research and programs. 1994 introduced the world’s first satellite digital TV service, Beastie Boys’ iconic album Ill Communication and the classic film Dumb & Dumber

94 is badass. Like our people and our clients. We’re owning it. Did those 93 other agencies get matching tattoos to show their commitment to each other? No. No, they didn’t. Wimps. 

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