Defunct Rock Duo BASS PAIRS – Spotted!

Members of the now defunct rock duo Bass Pairs, bassist Jeff Bergau and guitarist Murad Sabzali, were spotted in Salzburg, Austria over the past weekend. However, our sources tell us that there was no reconciliation there for the pair.

According to the TMZ photographer who snapped the photo, the two were in a heated exchange in front of the Weißbierbrauerei over the outcome of a game of rock, paper, scissors.

“I’m not really sure what they were talking about, but they were definitely not talking about music. They were shouting something about ‘scissors looking like paper’,” said Chris Doppler, who snapped the photo before being chased by Sabzali for several feet.

It’s unclear what exactly the two were doing in Salzburg. We’re told that Sabzali boarded a commercial flight back to the U.S. shortly after the photo was taken. Bergau reportedly left the Austrian city by motorcycle, destination unknown.

Our sources could not confirm rumors of an upcoming tell-all autobiography from Sabzali. The Associated Press reported in September that the rock duo officially dissolved the band after just two gigs citing the desire to pursue independent projects and musical differences.