Get to Know Website Tracking and Marketing Automation

Over the past few years the number of ways in which you can track your marketing efforts (usually via cookies) has multiplied, and so have the number of ways that you can use that information.

From heatmaps to click tracking and remarketing, you can not only see what visitors do on your site, but also use that information to move them intelligently through the Buyer’s Journey.

Visitor Tracking

In the past you may have had to invest in expensive platforms to see what visitors were doing once on your websites, but you can now see a ton of information for relatively little (or even zero) money. That includes seeing where visitors are looking at each page, what’s working and what needs to be fixed.

3 Low-Cost Ways to Track Your Site’s Visitors

Google Analytics

An oldie, but still a goodie. The biggest reason to stick with Google Analytics is its ability to sync with your AdWords campaign and give you deeper insight into your organic search visibility.


Several detailed visitor tracking tools like heatmaps, click tracking form analytics and conversion funnels have finally been rolled into one powerful product.

Active Campaign

This marketing automation platform rivals that of other much more expensive tools, but can be yours for as little as $9/month. This remarkable tool allows you not only to design email campaigns and remarket, but even comes equipped with a native CRM.


We talk about it a lot, but what exactly is remarketing? Remarketing is a term used for targeting specific marketing messages to people who’ve already come to your site. You’ve probably even received remarketing messages and not even realized it. Ever received an email after leaving something in your online shopping cart? Seen a banner ad for a product you’ve recently visited on Facebook?

Yep. Those are remarketing ads.

3 Remarketing Methods to Consider

Email Remarketing

Send out targeted emails based on what you know about your contact. What content did they visit? Where did they come from? What kind of information did they enter in their form?

Search Remarketing

Target paid search ads specifically to previous visitors. Take control of what ads this qualified audience is seeing, and where you’re sending them to on their second visit to your site.

Twitter Remarketing

So maybe they didn’t decide to click that little blue bird when they were visiting your site—you can still draw attention to your Twitter account the next time they’re signed in and browsing their feed.

This excerpt was adapted from Chapter 9 of our Life Science Marketing Field Guide. Ready for more? Get access to the full Field Guide below.

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