J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2017: Higher Stakes than Ever Before [Plus Insider’s Guide]

The seasonal migration will soon unfold before our eyes.

Each and every January, the elusive healthcare investor emerges from the comforts of his or her winter hibernation, and takes flight to Union Square in San Francisco.

Once rejoined with its flock of investment bankers, biotech executives, venture capitalists and service providers, he or she will participate in the annual mating ritual affectionately referred to simply as “JPM.” Here, the flock will be courted by hundreds of early-stage companies presenting their latest innovations and dreams of approvals, commercialization and revenue.

This year’s migration feels a little different, though—as if it has greater importance. Whether it is the policy changes of an incoming Presidential administration or shifting attitudes toward cannabis biotech or cautious optimism stemming from relatively strong public markets, there is little doubt that attendees of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference to be held January 9-12, 2017, will have much to discuss.

Already, the pre-conference tone of one of the life science industry’s largest and most frenzied conferences feels as though it will be far more influential than usual setting the industry’s economic mood—much like it has in other transitional economic years such as 2001 and 2008.

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Nevertheless, there are some things that never change at JPM. Now halfway through its fourth decade, JPM has become a spectacle—a far cry from the boutique event it once was. Following long days of sessions and side meetings are lively evenings of cocktail parties and networking events. High energy is a must, and business card supplies dwindle quickly.

Indeed, for one week Union Square will literally overflow with attendees and wannabe attendees. In addition to J.P. Morgan, other events including the Biotech Showcase, OneMedForum, RESI Conference and the EastWest CEO Conference have established themselves in order to capitalize on the high density of biotech brainpower.

So what makes JPM such a big deal? And, how does one make the most of the experience? Well, so many of the people who set the course for healthcare are in attendance—or are at least within close proximity. Deals happen unexpectedly and new business connections surface in the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, diners and even right on Union Square itself. JPM may be a madhouse, but it’s a productive madhouse.

If you can’t attend, we highly recommend that you soak up the event from afar through the many webcasts and updates on Twitter; follow the hashtag #JPM17 or #JPM17GUIDE. But, like a great music concert, nothing quite beats being there for the event.

If you’re planning to make this biotech pilgrimage, there are a few things you need to know. Curated by years of local insider knowledge, learn more in our JPM ’17 Survival Guide. Good luck. We’ll see you around the Square.*

*Not true. We’ll actually see you at the bar.

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Special thank you to Deloitte and Baker & McKenzie
for helping to make this year’s guide possible. Now go and have a great #JPM17!