Marketing 360: How to Use Twitter for Business [Plus Free Guide]

Not all life science companies think Twitter is right for them — and to be fair, it isn’t for everyone. But with 300 million active users (and growing), Twitter is a media powerhouse worth considering, even for B2B. It allows businesses to reach and interact with customers far and wide, in their homes and on their phones. It can facilitate brand awareness, public relations, market research and more. Even better, it’s largely free. Not sold yet? Consider this: your competitors are probably using it.

Many in the science world were early rejecters; only to realize that little blue tweeting bird was a missed opportunity flying by. Why the initial skepticism? It is commonly perceived as forum for 12 year-old girls to follow Justin Bieber. It’s also limited to 140 characters, which can be particularly challenging in the science space. Fortunately, the Twitterverse is infinitely grander than these stereotypes suggest. Your audience is present and your Tweets can cross all manner of boundaries to reach them — so long as they’re executed well.

So what does Twitter bring to the table? Companies can: request customer feedback quickly and easily; rapidly build brand awareness through the promotion of events/products/promotions etc.; provide quick customer service when needed; establish industry connections by networking with other experts online — and the list goes on!

Many of your current and potential customers are on Twitter and the barriers to reaching them have never been smaller. It’s up to you to create a presence for your company in this digital space. Take the time to establish a clear, consistent, and planned content strategy for Twitter so your business can take advantage of the targeted and unfiltered interaction.

Let’s be clear that simply setting up a company profile isn’t enough. Only by maintaining a consistent online presence can you gather valuable customer information from tracking and paying attention to customer behaviors, as well as the topics they’re interested in.

If you’d like to know more about what it takes to create a company profile and establish a strong Twitter presence for your business, download our free guide!

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This post is part of Chempetitive Group’s Marketing 360 series. These articles offer a high-level analysis of a very specific science marketing area, delivering a smart overview in just 360 words.