Mastering Metal Is Not So Different From Mastering Marketing

In the case of Maiden, they’ve developed a formula for good metal that works. Every song has a unique cadence. Every album has a unique theme. And through it all, the Maiden sound – the Maiden brand – ties it together.

The formula for good life sciences marketing is very much the same. Take a killer life sciences company like Illumina. They’ve developed a formula that works. Innovative, easy-to-use products that deliver quality data. They work to make the user experience – the most important brand experience – the same across product lines. Same thing with the interactions with company people. Now bring it down to the outbound marketing level. Every product has a unique set of benefits. They may resonate differently with specific audiences, but the brand experience remains the same. It’s unmistakably Illumina.

We Chempetitive folks have also developed a formula that works. A sole focus on life sciences. An aggressive approach at helping our clients grow. Intensive listening. Lots of questions. Strategic formulation. Hyper-responsive execution. Every client is different. Every project has a unique set of challenges. But we tie it all together in a way that’s unmistakably Chempetitive.