Supporting Biopharma’s Future in Innovation and Personalization

The biopharma industry’s future is grounded in innovation and personalization. Targeted therapies for smaller patient populations. A future that requires a deep understanding of the science as well as the digital capabilities to reach the right audiences with personalized messages.

That future has come a little more into focus for us here at CG Life.

CG Life is a life science agency that has been shaped by science and is committed to advancing the promise of improving lives. Our deep understanding of scientific and medical content and audiences helps enable biopharma to have meaningful and powerful connections rooted in science.

We have recently acquired Toolhouse, a digital agency that uses technology to help pharma brand teams build meaningful connections with patients and physicians. We are combining CG Life’s 20-year heritage in deep science, marketing, and communications with Toolhouse’s rich expertise in digital transformation and customer engagement, and in the process doubling the size of CG Life.

Together, through our expanded capabilities in strategy, insight, technology, and creativity, we will see a future grounded in our core values and culture, focused on making an impact on patient outcomes and advancing the role of science in personalized medicine.

That’s our why. Our purpose. Our mission.

By: David Ormesher, CEO, CG Life