The clients are coming! The clients are coming!

A few key elements are required for a successful off-site meeting.

Commitment to actively participate
A clear goal and agreed-upon deliverable from the event (Is this a big-picture brand discussion or is it about tactical planning? What is the ideal outcome?)
At least a rough agenda to drive discussion forward and a participant willing to play “time cop” and refocus energy when necessary
Regularly scheduled breaks for caffeine and checking voicemails/emails, and bio breaks.
An open mind

As was demonstrated after a six-hour session, all parties were completely brain dead and had little more to offer besides an analysis of the snack “Pirate‚Äôs Booty” and the fact that it is tastier than one might anticipate. In the following days when notes were gathered, wall scribbles were interpreted, and information was digested, the tangible outcome was something special. We look forward to showing you the outcome of this particular session when it launches.