You Were Awesome, 2010, but We Can’t Wait to Meet 2011

Of course, with any growing family comes the need for new digs. In Chicago, we moved into a new loft space across from a micro brewery, while in San Diego, we doubled our office space by moving next door. Never content with the status quo (remember the motto my friends!), Chempetitive Group finally went international with the launch of our London office. We’re still awaiting word on whether Jeff’s knighthood application will come through.

All of our hard work and success did not go unnoticed. We were honored by BtoB Magazine as Best Small Agency for 2010. We believe “Small” refers to the number of employees we have and not the ideas we come up with… or the events we throw like during BIO 2010 or at our RUN DNA Rooftop Party.

2010 was also a year of personal triumphs. Several of our staff got engaged—I guess, we are lovable people after all. And two of our team members had babies this year; Murad and his wife had a boy, Alex, and Karen and her husband welcomed their girl, Ruby. Rumor has it that both children have already applied for internships at Chempetitive in 2030.

In related news, I got a haircut this year. Ok, I only cut an inch, but it looks good.

We wish you success and happiness in the New Year wherever it might take you. If you find yourself in Chicago, San Diego or London, or at any of the many conferences and events where we will be in 2011, please stop by or drop us a message and say, “Hello.” We also respond to, “Ello govna.”